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The Chinese company WINIT was founded in November 2012 in Shanghai.

It is a provider of integrated supply chain solutions for cross-border e-commerce, with warehouses in China, USA, UK, Germany and Australia and more than 700 employees worldwide. The service covers three processes: logistics, financing and information. The goal is to provide effective supply chain management solutions that help cross-border e-commerce sellers, reduce customer time and improve service quality in order to improve the competitiveness of sellers in markets around the world.

By partnering with global postal service providers, the company offers competitive pricing to its customers and strives to ensure that every shipment is traceable. To do this, each registered parcel is assigned an international track number that can be tracked to its destination.

Track Winit packages and shipments

Most of the parcels of this company receive a track number, so there are no problems with finding the shipment. However, in some areas, Winit can send parcels by standard mail, without the possibility of tracking along the entire route. You should pay attention to this when placing an order, since if you choose a regular unregistered postal item, you will no longer be able to track the parcel in the recipient country.

The company provides the possibility to track parcels on its official website.

You can also track Winit parcels using our tracking service. This is especially convenient in cases where the package is delivered by several services, as is the case with Winit. The tracker automatically detects the delivery service and continues tracking and providing information even after changing the postal operator.

Delivery times for Winit parcels

The delivery time of items depends largely on the type of item and the method of delivery. High-speed mail will reach its recipient much faster than regular mail.

Delivery by courier services to European countries, Australia and America will take 2-9 business days only, but delivery of regular mail will take from 9 to 20 business days. These terms are only indicative, so sometimes delivery takes much longer. It should also be borne in mind that most companies do not take into account the time of customs control in the delivery time, and this can take from several days to a couple of weeks in exceptional cases.

Winit track numbers format

The track number format of this service can have quite different types and largely depends on the cooperation with which company the parcel is delivered. But still, there are several main types by which you can determine that the package is delivered by the Winit service.

  • ID1 ************* CN
  • 920 ****** 21
  • YLC ******** 28
  • YW0 ******** PL

* - digit

As you can see, it can be either a simple digital number or an alphanumeric track of different length in the number of characters.