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UPS Tracking package by number

UPS is a worldwide company engaged in the delivery of freights and shipments. The company acts as the main regulator of supply chains. The corporation began operations in early 1917, and to date they have been acting as a reliable and proven carrier and receiving excellent customer feedback on its activities.

ups tracking

In its operations, UPS adheres to innovative methods only that allow fast delivery of your shipment.

United Parcel Service is headquartered in the United States. Each branch of the service is a modern office serving a large flow of customers every day. Offices are featured by a yellow logo on a brown background, so it is easily recognizable.

UPS handles more than 15 million parcels and shipments worldwide on a daily basis. More than 6 million people are the company's regular customers. UPS has its own wide fleet, air transportation service and a well-established sea freight channel.

Only qualified personnel work at United Parcel Service. Employees competently advise the client on the terms and conditions of shipments, issue parcels fairly quickly.

It is worth noting that this carrier is actively interested in environmental issues, so only cars running on environmentally friendly fuels are used in the delivery of goods.

Buying services from United Parcel Service is a great idea for any type of business that makes a lot of shipments. On the official website of United Parcel Service, after registration, any customer has the opportunity to pre-calculate the cost of shipment to a particular region and get the approximate delivery time.

What is the format of the tracking number in UPS?

UPS tracking is an interactive parcel tracking system. The number that you need to enter on the site can have a different format. The tracking number can be represented in 4 types:

  • 1Z9999999999999999;
  • T9999999999;
  • 999999999;
  • 999999999999.

Most often, the tracking number starts with the combination «1Z». The next 6 digits represent the special code of the sender of the cargo. Then follow 2 figures that characterize the level of transport service. The following digits represent the unique identification code of the parcel, which can be supplemented with a check number.

Regardless of the format of your tracking number, you can easily track your parcel. To do this, you need to use tracking UPS.

What if I can't track the parcel?

The dispatched parcel may not be tracked in two cases:

  • too little time has passed since its sending; the data has not yet been loaded into the tracking system;
  • In the event of rare failures, information may not be displayed correctly. In this case, you should try to search for the shipment with your e-mail rather than its tracking number.
tracking ups

If the parcel is still not tracked, it is advisable to contact United Parcel Service for the necessary information, competent and friendly consultants will help solve tracking issues as soon as possible. In addition, an online request can be filled in on the official website: fill out the application form and wait for a prompt response to the e-mail specified by you.

Services provided by UPS

UPS provides the following sets of services for its customers:

  • Domestic delivery, which is quite fast and efficient in terms of its timing.
  • Standard UPS delivery is the most common service for the company's private customers, allowing to track cargo at all stages.
  • The International delivery of shipments and freights by UPS provides the company's customers with the opportunity to ship to any country worldwide and further track using its own tracking number at all stages of delivery.

United Parcel Service also provides additional services for packaging of freights and shipments, calculation of the cost of shipment, express delivery of shipments on Saturdays and shipment tracking.

Full control

Any parcel delivered by USPS is tracked at all stages of operation. This means that tracking becomes possible from the moment a postal worker puts a label with a tracking number on the parcel.


Please find answers to frequently asked questions below

  • Official website UPS

    The UPS website is easy to find on the Internet. Site address — This portal with a user-friendly interface is very convenient for the company's customers. At the top of the main page there is a field for entering the tracking number of the parcel.

    A customer support option is also available. The site has support for many languages. This makes navigation easier for people from all over the world. The site is regularly updated with information. This is the news of the company and the logistics industry.

  • What is UPS SurePost?

    UPS SurePost, or oversaw ground administration is a conveyance alternative presented by UPS. The objective of this transportation strategy is to make it advantageous for clients living in far off regions that are just available through streets not adjusted via air mail circulation focuses and can't endure the time period for standard conveyances. However there can be a few impediments relying upon where you reside and what your shipment contains, with rates beginning at $13 for bundles more than 70 pounds (32 kilograms), a great many people discover they accept their bundle inside three work days.

  • Where can I find my UPS tracking number?

    To track a parcel, you need to know the UPS tracking number. If you are the sender of the parcel, you can find the tracking number on the receipt that you received after paying for the shipment at the company's branch.

    If you are the recipient of the parcel, there are several ways to find out the tracking number of the shipment:

    • ask the sender of the parcel for the tracking number;
    • see the number in the e-mail confirmation of payment for the product in the online store;
    • contact the sending company of the parcel;
    • view the order card in the interactive marketplace.

    Tracking UPS is a very convenient service. But to use it, you need to know the tracking number. If you do not know it, use the tips described above.

  • How do I contact UPS?

    In the event that you have any inquiries regarding your shipment, if it's not too much trouble, contact UPS to talk with a live specialist who can assist with settling every one of your interests.

    There are numerous manners by which you can contact them including through web-based media channels like Facebook or Twitter, by messaging client care at, or calling 800-PICK-UPS.

    The UPS client support telephone number takes into consideration 24/hr live help with English and Spanish, so regardless season of day you're encountering an issue with your shipment, there is consistently somebody accessible to help.

    Furthermore, the organization has a web-based talk business which works during ordinary business hours (Monday-Friday).

  • What is an exception?

    In case you get a message that your shipment has encountered an exemption, check the Shipment or Package Progress area for insights regarding changes to the conveyance plan. An exemption happens when a bundle or shipment experiences an unanticipated occasion, which could bring about a change to the normal conveyance day. Instances of exemption include: address obscure, harm to shipment, or mark not got.

  • Can I track UPS international parcels?

    Indeed, you can follow packages globally by entering the following number in the tracking field.

  • What is UPS Shipment Reference Tracking?

    UPS Shipment Reference Tracking is an approach to follow UPS shipments utilizing your email address and secret phrase. The help furnishes you with all the significant data about a bundle including its area, sender, beneficiary, date sent, shipment weight, and measurements.

  • What is a UPS Drop Box?

    An UPS Drop Box is an area assigned by USPS mail transporters to acknowledge and deal with shipments, in this way saving money on preparing costs. In the previous year, UPS has opened in excess of 400 new areas to furnish a huge number of clients with quicker conveyance choices including same little while day transporting.

    The organization likewise upholds the people who are crippled or older through their utilization of wheelchair inclines at all recently introduced passageways.

    The UPS Drop Box is an advantageous spot to drop off your shipments in case you can't make it home on schedule for the conveyance, or then again on the off chance that you basically don't need them left at your doorstep.

    To discover this sort of area close to you, enter your postal district at the UPS site.

  • How do I track using a UPS Tracking number?

    Official website. In order to track the parcel, you need to use a personal computer or mobile device. You need to go to the official website of the transport company. Some people enter the query «WWW ups tracking» in the search bar of their browser. The desired page can be found in this way. But it is better to enter the address of the official website of the UPS company in the address bar —

    At the top of the main page of the site there is a field called «Track a package or search». Copy or manually enter the tracking number in this field. Click on the button with the magnifying glass image. The search for information about the package will start.

    Email. Another option for UPS tracking is email tracking. This method may be convenient for a number of reasons. To use it, you need to send email to

    If you are tracking a single parcel, then the tracking number should be placed in the subject of the email. If you have a lot of numbers, then you need to do it differently. Leave the email subject blank. In the body of the message, list all the necessary tracking numbers separated by a space or in a column. At the same time, you can track up to 25 parcels at the same time. After a very short time, you will receive a reply email from UPS.

    SMS. You can use the SMS service. To do this, you need to register and log in on the official website of the company. Then you need to enter your mobile phone number in a special section and confirm your readiness to receive SMS messages about the status of your parcels. This feature is useful in cases where there is no time or opportunity to regularly visit the official website of the company or send emails.

    Mobile app. Another option for UPS tracking is to use a dedicated mobile app. If you are a smartphone user, then you have two options for applications — for the Android and Apple operating systems. You can find these apps on the company's official website or in the App Store or Google Play. Each of the applications has a field for entering a tracking number, which can be used to track the parcel.