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FedEx Shipment Tracking

FedEx is a fast-growing US transportation company that delivers mail around the world in a short time. The company was founded in 1971 and continues to operate successfully to date. The headquarters is located in the United States.

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The transport company has its own personal fleet and Fedex Express airline, which includes 660 units of equipment, acting as the world's largest transport operator. The company operates in more than 200 countries around the world, providing postal and courier services to its customers, making a large number of daily shipments.

The company's work is based on the track and trace model, in which all shipments can be tracked at any stage. It is worth noting that FedEx is the first transport company to develop and implement its shipment tracking system worldwide. FedEx employs more than 300,000 skilled professionals on a daily basis. The company's work is featured by a large number of positive customer reviews.

FedEx Tracking package by number

FedEx Corporation is a transportation company headquartered in the United States that provides courier, postal, and other logistics services worldwide. Like many other similar companies, FedEx gives its customers the ability to track a shipment using a tracking number. FedEx tracking is very simple and convenient.

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Where can I get a FedEx tracking number?

If you are the recipient, there are several ways to find out the tracking number:

  • ask the sender for the tracking number (you can find it on the receipt);
  • look at the number on the electronic receipt from the online store;
  • see the number in the email message or other message from the company (where you ordered the product);
  • contact the supplier company for the tracking number

What does the tracking number look like?

Any FedEx shipment tracking number consists of 12 digits. This combination is a unique identification number. It is assigned to any item in the company.

The tracking number becomes active for a maximum of 24 hours after registration at the branch of the transport company. If for some reason this did not happen, contact the sender and specify the number.

Features of the service

Tracking FedEx provides its users with many convenient options. In particular, real-time tracking is available 24 hours a day. At the same time, you can receive information in any of the many available languages. These are English, French, Spanish, German, Russian and other languages.

For your convenience, you can set up regular notifications about the status of the shipment. In this case, when you change the status of the shipment, you will receive up-to-date information on your mobile device.

FedEx tracking is compatible with many popular online stores. Among them are eBay, Alibaba and many others. This means that the tracking FedEx system responds to the change in the status of your order on the online trading platform.

FedEx tracking allows you to assign aliases to mail items. This function will allow you to sort out among the many orders made. In this case, each tracking number can be assigned its own alias.

What if I can't track the parcel?

In case of any issues in the tracking process, the customer can always contact a special support service. This request can be made either by calling the hotline or online on the official website - you need to fill in the form to send a message on the issue, leave a request and wait for a response. As a rule, all issues are solved in a short time thanks to the smooth operation of competent specialists.


Please find answers to frequently asked questions below

  • I want to make a complaint

    FedEx gives a scope of objection taking care of choices on their site. The initial step is to call the objections line on 1 (800) 463-3339. On the other hand, nearby offices are equipped to help their record holders and manage protests so an individual visit is a choice.

    Clients can utilize an internet based structure to make a composed gripe on the web, and there is a postal correspondence alternative. There is a rundown on the site of how FedEx will deal with your protest and what correspondence to anticipate.

  • What does the status "Exception" mean?

    A status exemption implies that a startling occasion keeps your package from being conveyed. A few instances of exemptions for the circumstance incorporate traditions delay, or nobody acknowledges conveyance of your package, occasion, deficient records, and so forth Assuming you need more data about your package status, if it's not too much trouble, contact.

  • How to Reroute a FedEx Package?

    Just the sender of an item can demand FedEx to reroute a bundle. Rerouting an item includes changing the first transportation address on the item to an alternate location. The method involved with rerouting a bundle is easy however you are simply allowed to change the transportation address of any bundle one time.

    Call FedEx at 800-463-3339 to demand the organization reroute an item. You can have the item rerouted to an alternate road address in a similar city, from its require to briefly wait at one FedEx area to another or from hold at a FedEx area to a conveyance.

    Recognize yourself. Furnish the FedEx telephone agent with the following number of the item. You got the following number on your receipt when you transported the item.

    Give the FedEx telephone agent the new location where you need the item rerouted just as the phone number of the item beneficiary. FedEx might accuse extra charges of certain limitations. There is no extra charge to hold an item for pickup rather than conveyance. The approved individual who gets the item on hold should give personal ID.

  • How to track a FedEx parcel?

    FedEx has a well-developed network for recording and tracking mail and courier shipments. The data on each parcel is uploaded to the company's own accounting system and updated as it arrives at a particular point for processing mail and parcels. To track a shipment, the customer only needs a tracking ID containing 12 digits.

    The number of the tracking ID is the number of the consignment note (shipment document), which is used to register the carriage of goods. In order to track a FedEx shipment, you need to contact the shipment tracking service, for this end you need to take 2 steps only:

    • Enter your tracking number in the search form above;
    • Click “Track”;
    • or use this service on the official website of the transport company. Moreover, this information can be obtained using the FedEx mobile app, released for smartphones based on Android and iOS.
  • What happens when I miss A FedEx delivery?

    On the off chance that you miss a FedEx conveyance, there are possibilities for re-planning or getting the shipment at your neighborhood Fedex office:
    Online re-booking: You can demand a conveyance date for your shipment.

    Telephone Request: Call FedEx at 18005436274 and address a client specialist who will actually want to make changes on the telephone or proposition alternatives like booking one more day of conveyance, pursuing cautions about shipment area and postponements, and so on.

  • What is a FedEx Air Waybill (AWB)?

    FedEx Air Waybill (AWB) is a report used to set up your shipment for worldwide travel. Things can be bought from any nation and delivered universally, as long as they are not limited or restricted by law.

    You need an AWB assuming you need to deliver something universally that doesn't fall under one of these classes:

    • Belongings
    • Business products
    • Proficient hardware
  • FedEx services

    FedEx is active around the world, positioning itself as a company engaged in providing high quality services. FedEx provides the following services:

    • Shipments within the European trade area.
    • International shipments to more than 214 countries.
    • Services to deliver oversized freights.
    • Courier services.

    All offered services are quite simple. Today, the transport operator offers customers two types of services: Fedex Business and FedEx Economy.

    Using the Fedex Business service, the customer gets the opportunity to send and deliver shipments in record short time, a shipment can be tracked at all stages of delivery with high accuracy.

    If the overly prompt delivery time is not crucial, it is advisable to use economy services, paying a smaller fee for delivery. When using any of the options, the client gets access to information about parcel movement using a tracking code. With such tracking ID, it also becomes possible to determine to which address the shipment is delivered. FedEx is always ready to answer customer questions on the company's website and by phone, and its own courier service will deliver your shipment directly to the customer's door. In addition, the official FedEx resource provides an opportunity to get an approximate cost of delivery of postal items: for this end, you need to fill some points of departure and destination, weight etc. in a special form.

  • Where to get a FedEx tracking code?

    The identifier for tracking the current location of a parcel is usually specified in the consignment note. If, for some reason, you cannot find the number, you should call FedEx Customer Support to recover the lost information.