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Amazon Tracking package by number

Amazon is one of the largest companies in the e-commerce market. The organization is headquartered in Seattle, United States. Like many other trading platforms on the global network, Amazon provides its customers with the ability to track shipments. One of the company's divisions is its own delivery service — Amazon Logistics.

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How do I get a number in the Amazon Logistics Tracking system?

Once you have completed the payment for the product on the marketplace, you will be able to track your product. To do this, you need to read the information in the email sent to you by Amazon. The email will contain a virtual button or link «Track Your Package», after clicking on which you will receive information about the movement of your order. It happens like this. You just get to the page of your order in your Amazon account. If you are not currently verified in the system, verification may be required.

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In addition, the Amazon tracking number is indicated in words in the email after the order is confirmed. You can also log in to your account on the trading platform and open the card of a particular order. Among the various information about the order, you will find the tracking number. The above-mentioned methods of obtaining a tracking number are only relevant when you directly order a product on Amazon. When using intermediary companies, the tracking number may not be available.

What does the tracking number look like?

The tracking number from Amazon can be in different formats:

  • it consists of letters and numbers;
  • it consists only of numbers.

Those orders that were sent to an address in the United States have numbers that start with a combination of the letters «TBA». For example, TBA123456789012. Orders shipped to Canada have numbers starting with a combination of the letters «TBC». For example, TBC123456789012. Such formats of tracking numbers are relevant only when the goods are delivered by corporate forces-Amazon Logistics.

In all other cases, Amazon tracking assigns tracking numbers to orders, which are a combination of numbers. For example, 118-1234567-1234567. Whatever format your tracking number has, the system will provide information about the location of the purchased product within a few seconds.

How do I track a purchase?

There are several ways to track it:

  • official website;
  • mobile app
  • telephone communication.

To track a product purchased on the Amazon, you must visit the company's official website. You can use a computer or mobile device to do this. Amazon tracking is available in a special section of the company's official website at At the top of the named page, there is a field for entering the tracking number. It contains the inscription «Enter a tracking ID». You can enter the tracking number manually or copy it from a source. After that, you need to click on the «Track» button. Within a maximum of a few seconds, you will receive all available information about the movement of the product you ordered.

You can also call Amazon Customer support. The current phone number is listed on the official website of the company. This method may be relevant if you have forgotten or lost the tracking number of your order. Once your identity is identified, the tracking number can be restored. You can also get information about the location of your shipment by phone.

Especially for its customers, the company has developed a mobile application for tracking orders. You need to download it from the app store, install it on your mobile device, and run it. On the main page, there is a special field where you need to enter the tracking number for tracking.

Amazon tracking operates around the clock and processes millions of requests from its customers every hour. However, sometimes tracking a parcel may not be available. This situation can be observed in the case of delivery by third-party transport companies with which Amazon has concluded contracts. In this case, tracking becomes possible after a certain time has elapsed.