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TNT Express

The abbreviation TNT stands for Thomas Nationalwide Transport, after the name of the founder of the company, Ken Thomas, who in 1946 began delivering goods in Australia with just one truck. Soon he was able to acquire several more cars, and then the small transport company Campbell & Landers.

Over the next years, the company developed rapidly, which was facilitated by the quality of the services provided and the option of delivering items overnight. In 1960, TNT went global, and later in 1980 acquired the first aircraft. A few years later, in 1996, the Australian company TNT merged with the Dutch KPN, the joint brand was named TNT Post Group, or TPG, but it was soon decided to return to the original name TNT N.V.

TNT Express had been a subsidiary of TNT N.V. until in 2011 it was decided to spin off TNT Express as an independent company. Just a year later, the American express delivery company UPS offered to buy the company, but the deal never materialized due to the intervention of the European Commission. In 2015, the delivery service FedEx managed to negotiate the purchase of the Dutch company for 4.4 billion euros, about which a joint press release was published.

tnt tracking

To date, the company continues its activities and delivers documents and various cargoes to more than 200 countries and regions around the world. There are 2,653 branches of the company scattered around the globe, including sorting centers and depots, and it employs 55,000 people. The company's work is focused on express delivery to legal entities, as well as shipments from online stores such as Aliexpress. On Aliexpress, this is a paid shipping method if urgent delivery is required.

Types of shipments by TNT Express

Despite the fact that all types of TNT Express shipments are considered express, the company still divides them into several types, depending on the urgency of the shipment. This is done for the convenience of customers, who can choose the type of delivery depending on the weight and requirements for delivery deadline. There are two main types: Express and Economy Express, which in turn are also divided into subtypes.

It looks like this:

1. Express

  • 9:00 Express;
  • 10:00 Express;
  • 12:00 Express;
  • Express.

2. Economy Express

  • 12:00 Economy Express;
  • Economy Express;
  • Express.

Let's briefly analyze what each of the options is.

9:00 Express is in all cases with this courier service, the numbers at the beginning of the names indicate the priority delivery time. So, in this case, the courier will deliver your shipment in the morning until 9 am. Documents and parcels weighing no more than 210 kg are accepted for delivery, however, the shipment is delivered only to large cities in 40 countries.

10:00 Express provides delivery on the same terms as the option above, but with a delivery time before 10:00. The difference, in principle, is small, and this type of mail is delivered to 45 countries instead of 40.

12:00 Express will deliver your package to major cities located in more than 60 countries and deliver it to you by noon. Documents, parcels and various goods weighing up to 500 kg are accepted for shipment.

You can receive an Express shipment by the end of the working day; delivery is carried out in all geographies of TNT Express. The weight limit for postal items is 500 kg.

12:00 Economy Express, like an Express item, will deliver the package by noon, but on a specific working day. Shipments weighing up to 500 kg are accepted for shipment, but only to the main business areas in 25 countries in Europe.

Economy Express is designed for less urgent express deliveries on a specific day. Delivery of items weighing up to 500 kg. is carried out in all 200 countries and regions in which TNT Express is represented; in Europe, goods weighing up to 7000 kg are accepted for transportation.

In addition, the company provides the option of Express Delivery on a dedicated vehicle, transportation on a separate air waybill or accompanied by a dedicated courier for extra important shipments. However, this type of delivery is rather more interesting for entrepreneurs who send important or perishable products.

Track a parcel: tracking number and mark of the sender

All international and domestic shipments delivered by express delivery service receive a specific tracking number (track number, postal ID). It allows the sender to be aware of the movement of the parcel, and the recipient to get acquainted with the update of the status of the shipment and its location.

You can get the necessary information and track the movement of your parcel on the official website of the company on the main page. To do this, you need the number of the shipment, which you should enter in the “Tracking” line.

If you expect several shipments of various courier or postal services, it will be much more convenient to use the services of our parcel tracking service. The service automatically determines the logistics company by its number, looks for additional information when changing the tracking number after importing to the country of destination, and provides up-to-date information on the status and location of your shipment.


Please find answers to frequently asked questions below

  • Why is my tracking number showing information about other shipments?

    This happens most often when delivering a shipment within the country, but it can also happen with international delivery. Due to the large number of shipments, 8 and 9 digit numbers are reused every 3-4 weeks. This is why you can receive information about other shipments. All personal information is hidden, so do not worry that someone will also be able to stumble upon your package.

  • Can I track my FedEx package on TNT and vice versa?

    Despite the fact that FedEx acquired TNT in 2015, to date each of them offers its own range of services, but at the same time interact in some aspects. As a result, the tracking of one company cannot be verified using the service of the other. For TNT shipments, you need to use the official website of the company, in the case of FedEx it is the website of the FedEx company. But you can also use our parcel tracking service. Regardless of the type of courier service, the service will automatically determine and provide all the necessary information.

  • Why is the tracking number not displayed?

    After sending the parcel to the courier or to the receiving point, it takes some time to scan and add information about the parcel to the system. Therefore, for some time information about the parcel may not be available. Please try again later.

  • What if I missed delivery?

    If you are not at home at the time of delivery, the courier will leave you a “We missed you” card (We missed you). You can use it to arrange re-delivery. If you have not found the card, you can contact the Support Service by phone or fill out the form in the “Support” section on the official website of the company.

  • What is volumetric weight and how is it calculated?

    Like all delivery services, TNT Express uses concepts such as physical weight and volumetric weight in calculations. Physical weight is the actual weight of the item being shipped, which can be measured with a scale. Volumetric weight is considered to be the space that an item occupies after packaging, to put it quite simply. That is, the item may weigh insignificantly, but at the same time occupies a significant area. In this case, the logistics company calculates the cost of the shipment using the largest of the parameters. You can calculate the volumetric weight using the formula that most carriers use: Length × Width × Height divided by 5000.

    (L × W × H) ÷ 5000 = ...