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Track a Royal Mail package

UK Post or Royal Mail is the national UK postal operator. Its main activity is connected with the reception and delivery of mail throughout the United Kingdom, as well as around the world. The Royal Mail began its operation in 1516. In the early 2000s, the company was named “Consignia”. Royal Mail is now part of the Royal Mail Group. The headquarters are located in London. Royal Mail offices are located in 44 countries. The company employs over 160,000 people.

royal mail tracking

Royal Mail is engaged in forwarding letters and items weighing up to 2 kg (small packages). Parcelforce, which is part of Royal Mail, delivers parcels weighing from 2 to 30 kg.

Types of shipment by Royal Mail

  • 1st class mail. The delivery time is 1 day (including Saturday).
  • 2nd class mail. The delivery time is 2 - 3 days.
  • Delivery of parcels. Parcelforce delivers parcels in the UK overnight. The delivery time for international shipments depends on the recipient country.
  • Delivery by courier service Same Day. The shipment arrives to the recipient on the day it is sent.

Royal Mail sends small packages up to 2 kg. The dimensions of the items should not be less than 140 X 90 mm and should not exceed 600 X 600 X 600 mm. Royal Mail has its own online store. Stamps, envelopes and other postage are available here.

Royal Mail structure

The structure of Royal Mail includes three organizations - the postal operator of the country, the international group of companies Royal Mail and a subsidiary of Parcelforce Worldwide. The head office carries out only the forwarding of small packages weighing up to 2 kg and a box size of 610 460 460 mm (for tubes there are restrictions on the diameter up to 520 mm and the length, which should not exceed 900 mm).

Parcels from 3 kg and over 61–90 cm are handled by Royal Mail's subsidiary, Parcelforce Worldwide. It was formed in 1986 under the name Royal Mail Parcels and changed its name twice in 33 years - first to Parcelforce in 1990, and 8 years later, the organization received its final name, which it still bears today.

The Royal Mail subsidiary uses The International Center with an area of 12.5 thousand squares, located in the Midlands to service international shipments. This is one of the most technologically advanced postal centers in the world, capable of handling up to 35 thousand parcels per day. The International Center ships to 240 countries worldwide.

Parcelforce Worldwide is also the official operator of Royal Mail EMS deliveries.

Express delivery times

  • 5-7 business days to Eastern Europe;
  • up to three days to Western Europe;
  • from 2 weeks to the countries of Eurasia (in the UK the goods travel up to 2-3 days, the duration of the rest of the route depends on the postal services of the transit countries).

Track postal items

Royal Mail customers have the option to track order status on the official website, the Parcelforce Worldwide or Royal Mail Group subsidiary page, and on our website. To do this, you need to know the number of the shipment.

To track the number, you need to go to the “Track your item” section. The number is entered in a special box. After entering the number, click the “Track your delivery” button. It is impossible to track the recipient's country by the number of the shipment.

Registered items (Royal Mail Signed-For) are served in one of three modes:

  • International Tracked & Signed is a shipment with an individual track number, served both within the country and abroad. Mail delivery is confirmed online, the package is issued only under the signature of the recipient.
  • International Tracked is registered shipment, tracked to the door of the recipient, including outside the country of origin, delivery is recorded online.
  • International Signed: the parcel is assigned a unique identifier, but tracking of the shipment is possible only before the package crosses the state borders. Delivery is against the signature of the recipient.

Unregistered shipments cannot be tracked (track number is the only postal identifier used by the operator's automated systems). These include items with Royal Mail Letter/Small Packet status.

Royal Mail track number format

To find a parcel, in the search bar on official resources or on our website, you need to enter a 13-digit identifier - a track number generated according to the generally accepted UPU format - the Universal Postal Union, according to the S10 standard. It is usually provided by the sender. The code looks like this: EU2213345645GB.

How ro read:

  • E - shipment status (in this case, it is EMS express delivery);
  • U - individual letter code of the number, which makes it unique, any letter of the Latin alphabet can be used;
  • 221332345 - unique digital tracking number of the parcel, generated when registering the shipment;
  • GB - ISO 3166 code for Great Britain indicates the country of departure.

FAQ Royal Mail

Please find answers to frequently asked questions below

  • GLS delivery

    Most parcels are dispatched to European countries through a partner of UK Post, one of the largest operators in Europe, GLS. In this case, Royal Mail can control the movement of goods along the entire route. Most often, the “Parcelforce Worldwide – GLS” bundle is used for shipments: to Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Portugal, Bulgaria and Luxembourg.
    For other destinations, tracking information after leaving the country is provided by Royal Mail by each individual operator.

  • Contact Information Royal mail

    headquarters address: London, Victoria Embankment - 100;
    contact center phone number: 08 457 740 740;

    help and support page:

  • Abbreviations in the designation of statuses

    Most of the statuses of registered parcels are simple, but in some cases, the postal operator uses special abbreviations. Examples:

    • EO - reference;
    • OE - office of exchange (as the customs point is usually called);
    • DO - delivery department;
    • MC - post office;
    • POL - postal terminal or branch with limited powers (work schedule, etc.);
    • PSC - sorting center;
    • RDC - distribution warehouse;
    • NRC is the department that deals with returns.