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Track a parcel from the Netherlands by a tracking number

The Netherlands Post is a popular European service, the advantages of which include short delivery times, its reliability and zero risk of losing postal items during transportation. Moreover, the option to transport products with batteries is an important advantage of the Dutch service, which is prohibited in many countries due to difficulties in handling such parcels and the high risk of damage to the packaging due to electrolyte leakage. Today, the PostNL (Netherlands) service successfully delivers goods from the trading platforms of China and other Asian countries, guaranteeing recipients the timely delivery of parcels and their complete safety.

postnl tracking

Which countries does the Netherlands Post work with?

Today, the geography of the service includes only the territory of its own state. For the convenience of recipients of parcels from China, several post offices have been opened in this country. To send the goods to the seller, you do not need to personally deliver it to the service department - this work is done by hired couriers, who collect postal items upon prior request. All parcels are accumulated in a single cargo collection and handling center, after which they are delivered to the Netherlands for sorting and dispatch to the destination.

The reimbursement of shipping costs on behalf of sellers is an important advantage of PostNL for recipients of some Chinese parcels, which saves the recipient from having to pay for postal services.

Tracking of PostNL parcels

Our service allows to track the parcel of PostNL by a tracking number. You can also track the parcel on the company's official website. After entering a unique identifier, the page will display information about the current location of cargo, as well as about sorting and transit points on its way.

PostNL parcel tracking number formats

Depending on the weight of the cargo, it is assigned the appropriate status: small packages are up to 2 kg and parcels are over 2 kg. The selected format determines the type of tracking number by which you can track the parcel of the Netherlands Post:

  • for small packages, ID has the form Rx123456785NL;
  • the tracking number of parcels of the Netherlands Post has the form Cx123456785NL;
  • EMS shipments are marked with Ex123456785NL format designations.

The first letter indicates the type of shipment, subsequent numbers are selected randomly, NL is an indication of the country where freights are received and registered. To track a PostNL parcel, you should ask the seller for its ID issued when processing freights.

Popular parcel tracking statuses

The accepted designations of the status of postal items have the following format:

  • The item is pre-advised - freight is registered and is being prepared for shipment;
  • The item is at the sorting center PostNL - the parcel is being processed at the sorting center;
  • The item has arrived in the country of destination - shipment has successfully arrived at the destination;
  • The item is ready for shipment - the parcel is being loaded;
  • The item is being processed by customs - the cargo passes customs clearance;
  • The item is received by the shipper in the originating country.