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Pos Malaysia

Is a government service for the delivery of international parcels and goods, as well as internal correspondence for businesses and individuals. In addition, the postal company delivers parcels and provides express delivery services.

Pos Malaysia was founded in the early 19th century and has been the national postal operator of Malaysia for over 200 years, connecting Malaysia with the rest of the world by providing logistics services.

Pos Malaysia set a record in 2015 when it launched an underwater mailbox at Layang, 40 meters below sea level. The postcards sent from the underwater mailbox are sealed in waterproof plastic bags, have a special postage stamp and carry the Malaysian Book of Records logo.

The first postage stamp production in Malaysia began in 1957. At that time, Malaysia split from Great Britain and became a separate independent state. This year, residents of the country correlate not only with the appearance of the first postage stamps, but also with the development of the postal service in general. Since then, it has undergone many changes that has made up the existing service.

Types of postal parcels in Malaysia:

  • Delivery by registered mail. Parcels with a tracking number that is tracked at all stages of delivery;
  • Delivery by regular mail. These are parcels with partial track information. They are not tracked in the destination country;
  • Express mail. Actually, it is express delivery, but it is only available for some countries.

Malaysia Post Parcel Tracking

Also, like many other postal operators, Pos Malaysia international shipments can be either registered or unregistered. Unregistered items are items that are assigned a postal identifier that is tracked only in the territory of the sender's country, after passing customs control and import procedures, the information on the follow-up of the parcel is not updated until the recipient is notified of the arrival of the parcel. Many sellers on Aliexpress can choose this type of shipment if the order amount does not exceed $ 5, since it is somewhat cheaper due to the absence of the need for tracking by track number. Registered shipments are assigned a code in an international format, which is tracked throughout the entire route of the parcel. You can track the parcel on the official website of Pos Malaysia or in the “Order Details” if the purchase is made, for example, on AliExpress.

To do this, you need to:

  • Visit the “My Orders” section;
  • Go to “Details”;
  • Tracking information is displayed in the “Track shipment” section.

After the parcel is delivered to the country of destination, the shipment will be handed over to the local postal service, after which the tracking can be continued on the website of this postal operator.

You can use our services to track the parcel using the tracking number provided to you. In this case, all available information will be provided on one resource without the need to enter data on various web-sites.

What do the Pos Malaysia track numbers look like?

The track number of the registered mail item has a single format and consists of 13 characters. A Pos Malaysia Postal ID is no exception. A distinctive feature of this service is letters MY at the end of the number, indicating the country of departure.

Below are examples of common types of numbers:

  • RA214365879MY - registered packages up to 2 kg receive a code starting with the letter R, which is an abbreviation of the word “Registered”;
  • CD615237945MY – a tracking number for Pos Malaysia parcels weighing up to 20 kg often starts with the letter C;
  • EE615237945MY - EMS shipments start with the letter E.

Here are some of the most common types of numbers, but there may be other numbers with different letter variations. If you are in doubt which service the parcel is sent by, you can always use our services, which will independently determine which logistics company owns the track number.

Tracking numbers for budget items most often have such structure: three letters/numbers/two letters. For example, FTL ******** MY, SYL ******** MY.

The first three letters may indicate the postal service sending the package from China to Malaysia. There are also options when five letters come first followed by eight numbers. For example, SYLBL ********. Such shipment can only be tracked before the import procedure.

Pos Malaysia Parcel Delivery Time

The delivery time for the parcel depends on the selected type of shipment. So, a regular parcel will take a little longer than express delivery, and EMS delivery will significantly outperform express one. Most orders from Aliexpress are delivered to buyers by economy delivery due to its low cost. This, in turn, affects the delivery timing. If in the early stages, when sellers just started using Pos Malaysia's services, delivery was carried out within three weeks, now, due to the heavy load of mail, parcels reach buyers in an average of 20-60 days.

It should be noted that delivery deadline may be approximate, with direct shipment from Malaysia and without taking into account customs clearance. In addition, many secondary factors can affect the delivery time, such as the time of customs clearance, weather conditions, holidays, etc.