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Hermes is a German company headquartered in Hamburg. The European delivery network has more than 40 thousand pick-up points in Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Austria, France and Belgium. The company works with such large online stores as Lamoda, AVON, La Redoute and others. Among other things, Hermes provides:

  • Courier transportation to the address indicated by the recipient at the specified date and time;
  • Self-pickup from any convenient point (the customer's authorized representative can receive the parcel);
  • Additional services of the postal service and logistics operators, which provide transport equipment for the faster transfer of the order to the recipient.
hermes tracking

How to track parcels

As with other mailing web-sites, the Hermes platform offers a built-in tracking tool that allows you to find out the movement of a package using a tracking number. It is provided at checkout and can be tracked at any service pick-up point.

In order to find out information about your parcel, on the main page of the Hermes website, select the item “Track the shipment” in the “Recipients” section. This will take you to the tracking page. Tracking of the Hermes service is available both by the shipment number and by the order number given to you by the online store. The shipment search function is also available on the multifunctional panel at the bottom of the browser window.

The issue that buyers often face when trying to find their package is changing the contractor providing long distance transportation. The company does not always have its own capabilities for single-handed delivery. In this case, the order may not be tracked at some points, which greatly complicates the calculation of its arrival.

In addition to tracking, on the Hermes website, you can calculate the exact cost of delivery for any of the available destinations, taking into account the accrued tax and commissions.

On our website, you can track any parcel by the established postal identifier and get detailed information. Service advantages:

In addition to tracking, on the Hermes website, you can calculate the exact cost of delivery for any of the available destinations, taking into account the accrued tax and commissions.

  • Automatic recognition of the postal service - even if you do not know which company your parcel is delivered by, the service will automatically determine the delivery service by the tracking number;
  • Tracking and searching when changing the postal operator during long-distance delivery - especially for international parcels that are delivered to the addressee through customs control;
  • Possiility to obtain information on track numbers that may not be tracked on the official website of the delivery service – it applies, including to uninsured and untraceable letters.

Hermes Track Number

Tracking number is an individual combination of characters that is assigned to each parcel passing through the postal control of the delivery service, including letters and non-standard cargo (for example, fragile, consolidated, etc.). With its help, a postal item can be tracked from anywhere in the world, provided that the order passes through the points of dispatch, collection and service of the delivery company.

Hermes uses a 14-digit track number, which should be sent to the customer's specified phone number or email address after the delivery has been processed. You can track the parcel through the Hermes service, including using the number received by the buyer from the online store in which the purchase was made.

Features of delivery and tracking of Hermes parcels

Hermes is considered to be one of the most popular postal services working primarily on the European market. It is very convenient to arrange delivery on order from online stores in different countries through it. Unfortunately, international parcels are often registered in the databases of partner points, information about which is displayed on the operator's website with a delay. This is due to the speed of data transfer between different archival databases of states and greatly affects the relevance of information when crossing customs control. Based on this, most often the information indicated on the Hermes website may be outdated by a couple of days. This term varies depending on the terms provided by third parties.

Among the customer reviews of the delivery service, there are often complaints that the parcel is no longer tracked to date it arrives at the pick-up point. Because of this, the recipient does not always know when the retention period begins. It is from 5 to 14 days and is extended directly by the addressee.