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DHL Global

The international express delivery service that emerged in 1969 when the mainland United States needed a reliable and fast postal service to Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii. The project was so successful that the postal operator began to expand its geography until it became one of the best postal delivery services. DHL is currently a member of Deutsche Post AG and is headquartered in Bonn.

dhl tracking

DHL offers express delivery of letters, documents and parcels. It also provides pick-up and delivery solutions for companies around the world. The postal operator offers e-commerce logistics solutions. DHL delivers all types of cargo anywhere in the world. Its network operates in 222 countries of the world. In each of these countries, DHL offers the fastest shipping - delivering goods to recipients within 24 hours.

DHL uses all modes of transport to deliver parcels, including bicycles, trains, cargo planes, and more. Recently, the postal operator has been using drones, most often to deliver medicines to remote regions. This is especially relevant in some African regions with difficult terrain. Getting there by land is not easy, but drones can easily reach them and deliver medicines or pick up blood samples from these locations to medical laboratories. This helps in preventing the spread of dangerous diseases like Ebola.

Types of shipments

DHL is engaged in the delivery of documents and goods almost all over the world and offers various types of services, depending on the timing and dimensions of a shipment. All shipments are conditionally divided into:

  • DHL Express;
  • DHL Parcel;
  • DHL Global Forwarding;
  • DHL Freight.

DHL Express. DHL, like many courier companies, offers high-speed express delivery service to various regions around the world. The company offers several types of express delivery, depending on its timing. So, you may use courier delivery to the addressee in the morning before 9:00, 10:30 and 12:00. They are called respectively: Express 9:00, Express 10:30 and Express 12:00. The maximum load weight should not exceed 30 kg for Express 12:00 and 10 kg for Express 9:00 and 10:30. The total weight of items for all three types may not exceed 300 kg.
A DHL Express Worldwide option is also available for non-critical and heavier shipments. So for this type of shipment, 70 kg are available for one piece and the total weight of the invoice is up to 1000 kg.

DHL Parcel delivers small packages up to 2 kg and parcels up to 31 kg. These are less urgent shipments that can be tracked using a dedicated tracking number. Small packages weighing up to 2 kg are divided into two types: XS package and M package. The maximum size of the first one should not exceed 35 × 25 × 3, and be not less than 15 × 11. The maximum size of the Package M is calculated by the sum of all sides, the result should not be more than 90. In this case, the length of either side should not be more than 60 cm.
For parcels, the maximum permitted weight is 31.5 kg and the size is 120 × 60 × 60. Delivery is carried out to 222 countries and regions, and the minimum shipping cost starts from 13.99 euros.

DHL Global Forwarding and DHL Freight are mainly designed for large-sized shipments by air, road, rail or sea.

DHL Tracking

All shipments are tracked using individual track numbers on the company's official website. To do this, you need to go to the “Track” or “Track your shipment” section, depending on whether you are on the page of the global site or the express delivery site. You can enter up to 10 mailing identifiers at a time.

You can also use our service and track your DHL parcel, regardless of shipment method. The service will collect all available data on the shipment and provide up-to-date statuses on the movement of your shipment.


Please find answers to frequently asked questions below

  • Can I track my shipment without a tracking number?

    You have this option if you are the shipper. To do so, you should fill in the appropriate column in the shipment form, indicating the required ID number. You will then be able to track the shipment on the DHL website in the Track by Reference section.
    If you are the recipient, you can always check the tracking number with the seller.

  • Why hasn't the package been received, but the status shows “Delivered”?

    First, you should check your mailbox and ask your neighbors or relatives who might have received the package in your name. If the package has not been found, call the office of the company and specify at which specific address and in whose name the package is delivered.

  • Why is my package returned to the sender?

    This happens quite rarely, especially if the shipment is delivered by courier service. But if it happens so, it may be for the following reasons:

    • 1. The courier could not find you and/or contact you. In case of courier delivery, re-delivery is possible for DHL. If the shipment is not delivered the first time, the courier will try to contact you and clarify the repeated delivery time. If the package has not been delivered, it will be returned to the DHL office and, in the future, sent back.
    • 2. If the package is delivered to the post office or company office for self-picking, then after the expiration of the storage period it will be returned to the sender.
    • 3. If an incorrect address is specified, the package may be returned due to the impossibility of delivering to the addressee.
  • A lot of time has passed since shipment, why has not the package arrived yet?

    Delivery time largely depends on the declared type of shipment. Express delivery usually reaches the recipient within a week. If this is a more budget option, delivery, respectively, will take a little longer. Also, many secondary factors affect the delivery time, such as the speed of customs clearance, weather conditions, holidays and much more. In this case, you should be patient and carefully monitor the expiry of the buyer protection period, so that in extreme cases you can claim and return the money for the purchase.

  • Why is the shipment not tracked by track number?

    To begin with, you should clarify at what stage of departure the necessary information is not available.

    • 1. If you have been given a tracking number, but the information about the package has not been updated, you should wait a few days. This is because it takes some time for the package to be handed over to the courier and delivered to the DHL warehouse. Then the package should be scanned in order for information about it to enter the tracking system. This can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. Therefore, you should not worry if the information about the package is not displayed immediately after the tracking number is issued to you.
    • 2. Track number information may no longer be tracked after arrival to the destination country. This happens with budget shipments, when only part of the route is tracked. Then the package is handed over to the local postal operator, where it is given a new tracking number. In this case, it will not be possible to track the shipment, until notification from the post office is received. This is a fairly common practice for free shipments, so don't panic when the package status has stopped updating. Wait for notification, not forgetting the expiry of the buyer protection period.