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The Colissimo delivery service is a division of the French postal service La Poste dedicated to the delivery of international mail. Delivery is carried out both by courier “to the door” and by regular mail. At the same time, Colissimo is considered one of the most reliable courier services; large companies use its services not only in France, but also in other EU countries.

The company provides its users with the ability to track their parcels by issuing a tracking number for tracking each shipment. Thus, the company ensures the reliability of delivery and tries to shorten the delivery time.

Track Colissimo parcels

The Colissimo delivery service provides tracking of all its shipments. However, depending on the type of delivery, the tracking method will also change. In case of delivery by courier, you can track the parcel on the official website of the French Post La Poste. When sent by regular mail, the parcel is delivered to the country of destination, where it is handed over to the local postal operator (most often the EMS service of the given country). Therefore, tracking on the company's website will also be available only at the time of the shipment. After arrival in the country of destination, the parcel should be tracked on the website of a specific postal service.

If you decide to try to track the Colissimo parcel on the official website, you should follow the following instructions:

  • Go to the website of the postal service;
  • Find the “Acces Rapides” quick access panel in the upper left corner;
  • Click on it, in the pop-up menu, you will need to find the section “Livraisons et Retours”;
  • It should go to the item “Suivre un envoi”;
  • Then you need to enter the tracking number and click “Rechercher”.

To the right of the window for entering the track number, you can select the language in which the tracking information will be displayed.

When going through customs, very often the initial two letters of the tracking number are replaced with EB, which corresponds to EMS delivery. So, independently replacing the letters of the track number with EB, you can try to track the parcel on the EMC service website.

If you do not want to understand the specifics of delivery and replacement of track numbers, we recommend using our service, which automatically determines the delivery service, and if the delivery method is changed, it will continue tracking the parcel. Thus, there is no need to navigate between delivery service sites. All available information is provided on one resource.

Track number format

International postal items of the Colissimo postal service correspond to the international format and most often have the following form:

  • RK000000000FR;
  • CC000000000FR, CS000000000FR, CK000000000FR;
  • EY000000000FR.

These are the most common number formats, but there may be others. All of them are united by the letters FR, indicating delivery from France.