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China Post

China Post is a state-owned enterprise that manages the official postal service of China, which organizes goods, business correspondence, items of different categories, sizes and values throughout China and beyond. Like all postal operators of the Universal Postal Union, China Post adheres to international rules that set a limit on the weight of a parcel transported (up to 20kg). In the case when the shipment is carried out by EMS delivery, this limit is increased to 31 kg.

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The main sorting centers are located in the four largest cities in China - Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

China Post Registered Air Mail

China Post Registered Air Mail or China Post Registered AM is a more expensive shipping method compared to China Post Ordinary Small Packet, but faster and most importantly reliable.

When you make purchases on Aliexpress, Alibaba, Jum, Pandao, Wish, eBay or other platforms, if the cost of the goods exceeds several dollars, the delivery of the goods is often carried out by this service. All postal items of this type are registered, which follows from the name “Registered” and, mainly, are forwarded by air.

Package Tracking

All postal items can be conditionally divided into two types: a small package (up to 2kg) and a parcel (more than 2kg), a small package can be registered and unregistered. In the second case, the package is sent by standard mail, which cannot be traced. All parcels, i.e. postal items weighing more than 2 kg, as well as registered small packages, are registered and given a special identification number or track number - an individual digital or alphanumeric number that corresponds to the international standard S10 and consists of 13 characters ...

China Post track number format?

If the parcel is delivered in the territory of the sending country, the tracking number may consist of only numbers. In the event that the delivery is carried out to another country, an alphanumeric number consisting of 13 characters is assigned to an international postal item (IGO).

Mail ID structure: XX ********* XX, where X are letters and * are numbers.

Example: RX123456781CN

The first two letters indicate the type of mail item. Below are their main types:

  • LA-LZ - unregistered IGOs weighing less than 2kg. Non-trackable;
  • RA-RZ - registered IGOs weighing less than 2kg. Trackable;
  • CA-CZ - registered IGOs weighing more than 2 kg. Trackable;
  • EA-EZ - Registered IGO registered as Express Shipment (EMS). Trackable.

In all cases, the letters A through Z are presented to make the code unique.

123456781 is a combination of numbers for the uniqueness of the code.

The last two letters indicate the sending country, in this case China (CN).

FAQ China Post

Please find answers to frequently asked questions below

  • How to find out the tracking number?

    The track number of the postal item is indicated on the receipt (check) given to you by the postal service. If the purchase is made in an online store, the track number should be indicated in the personal account on the website where the order is made.
    Do not confuse the order number and the tracking number: the order number is assigned immediately after the purchase, and the tracking number is assigned after the cargo is registered with the operator. The order number usually consists of numbers, while the track number includes letters. An exception may be cases when tracking is supposed only in the sending country.
    Most often, after placing an order, the seller sends all the necessary information by email.
    If you did not find the track number either in your personal account or in your email, contact the seller directly.

  • How to track the parcel?

    You can track the location of your parcel on the China Post official website. To do this, you should enter the received code in a special field and wait for the data on the last location of the parcel.
    As soon as the cargo leaves the territory of the sending country, the tracking of the parcel can be continued on the official website of the service that will be responsible for the parcel in the receiving country.
    Also, information about the movement of the parcel can be found on our website. To do this, enter the tracking number into the input field and press the “Track” button.

  • Why isn't my track number displayed?

    After making a purchase, it takes some time to scan and upload your package information to the postal service. Sometimes this process can take a couple of days. Please be patient and try again later.
    It may also depend on the type of parcel sent: registered or unregistered. A registered parcel is assigned a tracking number in international format (alphanumeric); an unregistered parcel receives only a digital code, which can only be tracked in China.

  • What if the delivery fails?

    If the status of your parcel says “Failed delivery attempt”, the courier tries to deliver the parcel, but the address is incorrect, it is not possible to reach you, or due to a number of other circumstances. In this case, the parcel will be returned back and you will need to contact the post office as soon as possible and clarify the necessary data, or pick up the parcel yourself.

  • What if the address is incorrect?

    If the package has already been sent, but you have specified the wrong delivery address, the situation can still be corrected. To do this, you need to wait for the message that the parcel has arrived at its destination.
    If minor mistakes are made when entering the address (wrong number of the house, apartment, etc.), in this case you need to present your passport and phone number at the post office, since these data should be indicated in the information about the parcel.
    If, when entering the address, multiple mistakes are made and your parcel is sent to another post office, then in this case you need to contact the post office at your place of residence and write an application for forwarding, indicating the correct address.

  • Why is the status of my package “Delivered” if I have not received it?

    First, check your mailbox or ask your neighbors if they've received a package in your name. Call the post office and specify at what address and to whom the package was delivered. In some rare cases, the status of the parcel can be changed to “Delivered”, if no one has asked for the parcel for a long time and so that it is not returned back, the status can be changed.

  • What's the difference between China Post Air Parcel, Surface Air Lift Parcel and Surface Parcel?

    China Post Air Parcel delivers parcels and packages by air. Surface Air Lift Parcel or SAL is a method of delivery by land or sea, but border crossing is carried out by air.
    Surface Parcel is a common delivery method using trains, cars, or ships.

  • What does NULL mean in the status of a package?

    This means that there is no adaptive English/other language translation for this status in Chinese. In this case, NULL is displayed, you just need to wait for the status update.