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EMS China Post Tracking

Express mail of China (China Post EMS) is a postal service, which could be called a division of the state post of China, if not for one “but”. Established in 2010, this company has become one of the leaders in the provision of postal services both within China and in the international market. To date, it is a completely independent large company, which is considered the best domestic postal service in the field of express delivery and provision of logistics services. China Post EMS owns its own cargo airline (China Postal Airlines) and a corporation that specializes in providing logistics services (China Post Logistics). China Post EMS provides express delivery to all provinces in China and 200 foreign countries and regions.

This postal service owns the EMS brand - Express Mail Service. This means that this postal company is a partner of the international service for express delivery of postal correspondence. The peculiarity of this service is that the delivery timing is paid by the client, and the postal organization is not a separate company. EMS delivery is carried out by local postal operators, most of which are members of the Universal Postal Union. In China, express delivery within the EMS service is provided by China Post EMS. The quality of the provided postal services is checked annually by independent auditors.

In addition to express transportation of correspondence and cargo, China Post EMS specializes in contract logistics and LTL transportation (transportation of groupage cargo). The postal service offers three modes of express delivery: premium, standard and economy. Also, customers can use the COD service - payment upon receipt. In China, the company offers to use the “overnight delivery” service, when the shipment is delivered almost in a day using air cargo flights. Also, the China Post EMS service is used as a popular postal service when ordering goods from China in large online stores, for example, on Aliexpress.

If express delivery takes more than the allotted time, the client will be compensated for the postage. This rule applies both to customers in China and to foreign recipients. The company also compensates for the complete or partial loss of the contents of your parcel or letter, and damage received during transportation.

Track China EMS shipments

Tracking of all parcels sent by this service is available by the track number attached to the postal item. Shipments of this format are classified as registered shipments and receive a track number in the international format. This allows you to track the shipment until it is delivered to the recipient.

You can track the parcel on the

All shipments are tracked using individual track numbers on the company's official website of the delivery service in China, as well as on our website. Enter the tracking number of your shipment, click “Track” and get all the available information about the parcel. When sending from China, it will be most convenient to track the parcel on the China EMS website, since the shipment data will be updated much faster.

The official website of the company is presented in Chinese, but it is possible to choose English as the main language. For the convenience of users, the panel for searching for mail items is located on the main page of the web-site. You just need to enter the tracking number and search. To enter multiple tracking numbers, go to the “Track & Trace” tab and select “Express Shipment”. There will be a window for entering up to 10 tracking numbers, one in each line.

The estimated delivery time is two weeks, but it depends on the destination. The standard delivery time is 14-25 days; in some cases, delivery may take 14 to 60 days.

Delivery time depends on many factors that affect the speed at which the package will be delivered to the recipient. This includes the timing of customs clearance, the availability of a free flight to the country of destination, weather conditions, holidays and weekends, etc.

It should be remembered that before the New Year holidays, the number of shipments increases and the package will be delivered much longer. Also, the main holiday in China is the Lunar New Year. At this time, most of the companies go on holiday weekends and the delivery of items resumes only after the end of the holidays.

China EMS track number format

The track number of China Post EMS items complies with the requirements of the Universal Postal Union, and is an alphanumeric number consisting of 13 characters. For example:


  • The capital letter E indicates the EMS shipment type;
  • x is a letter of the Latin alphabet from A to Z;
  • 000000000 is a combination of numbers to make the track number unique;
  • CN is the code of the sending country, in this case: China.

Delivery restrictions

Like any delivery service, China EMS has restrictions on the weight and dimensions of the shipment.

Maximum weight of a shipment: 30 kg.

Shipping dimensions: the sum of Length, Width and Height should be no more than 3 meters (Length + Width + Height ≤ 3m).

In addition, there are restrictions on the content of the shipment, but they are standard, as for most other services. So, for example, it is not allowed to send explosive, flammable, radioactive substances, books of cultural value, live animals, etc. A complete list of goods prohibited for carriage can be found on the official website of the carrier, if you want.

FAQ EMS China Post

Please find answers to frequently asked questions below

  • Why isn't my track number displayed?

    After making a purchase, it takes some time to scan and upload your package information to the postal service. Sometimes this process can take a couple of days. Please be patient and try again later.

  • What does NULL mean in the package status?

    This means that there is no adaptive English/other language translation for this status in Chinese. In this case, NULL is displayed, you just need to wait for the status update.

  • What if the address is incorrect?

    If the parcel has already been sent and you have specified the wrong delivery address, the situation can still be corrected. To do this, you need to wait for the message that the parcel has arrived at its destination.

    • 1. When entering the address, minor mistakes are made (incorrect address of the house, apartment, etc.). In this case, you need to present your passport and phone number at the post office, since these data should be indicated in the parcel information.
    • 2. Multiple mistakes are made when entering the address and your parcel is sent to another post office. In this case, you need to contact the post office at your place of residence and write an application for forwarding, indicating the correct address.