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Aliexpress Standard Shipping

AliExpress Standard Shipping is one of the shipping methods for goods purchased on the AliExpress marketplace. The difference of this method is that there is an intermediary between the seller and the buyer. In other delivery methods, the goods from the seller are transferred to the delivery service, which sends it to the recipient. In the case of AliExpress Standard Shipping, the situation is different. The goods from the seller arrive at the warehouse in the logistics department. Only after that, the parcel arrives at the courier service.

The advantage of the AliExpress Standard Shipping method is that the time of sending the parcel and assigning the tracking number to the shipment is under the control of the representatives of the online store. This excludes the provision of non-existent track numbers by sellers, by which shipment can be traced.

Other delivery methods

  • AliExpress Saver Shipping;
  • AliExpress Seller's Shipping Method;
  • AliExpress Premium Shipping.

Items from AliExpress are shipped by well-known shipping companies such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, Singapore Post and others. The delivery time for parcels sent using the AliExpress Standard Shipping method depends on the shipping company and the recipient's address. On average, the timing is 15 to 45 working days.

AliExpress Standard Shipping Order Tracking

Buyers can control the movement of purchased items. You can do it on the official website of AliExpress in the “Shipping Information” section. Information about the shipment status is displayed here. Sometimes, when sending goods using the AliExpress Standard Shipping method, the order status information may be displayed with some delay. This is due to delays in the tracking system.

Tracking is carried out using a postal identifier, the format of which has the following structure: RO ********* EE.

Please note that the web-site acts as a third party, so there may be delays in the display of information. You should not immediately start to worry if the track information has not been updated for a long time.

In addition, a parcel for this type of shipment may have partial tracking. That is, you will have access to detailed information about the route of the parcel in the country of the sender, but after passing the import procedure and transferring the shipment to the local postal operator, the information is no longer updated until notification is received from the post office.

You can also check the location of the parcel and all available information about the status of the shipment using our service.

Delivery services

Some products from Aliexpress are delivered using AliExpress Standard Shipping free of charge - the seller pays for the delivery of the goods. In this case, the delivery of goods can be carried out by the following transport companies:

  • China Post. With a large number of orders, the delivery time can be 2 months. On average, this indicator ranges from 22 to 60 days.
  • Singapore Post. It sends parcels from Aliexpress in case of overloading of China Post. The delivery time is from 15 to 50 days.
  • Hong Kong Post. The delivery time is from 20 to 60 days.

FAQ Aliexpress Standard Shipping

Please find answers to frequently asked questions below

  • Why does the status of my package show “Delivered” if I have not received it?

    First, check your mailbox and ask your neighbors whether they have received a parcel in your name or not. If the parcel is not in the mailbox and no one has received the parcel for you, contact your post office and find out the address and in whose name the parcel has been delivered.

  • How do I know where my package is?

    To do this, you can visit the official websites of logistics and courier companies, where available information is provided at the time of delivery of the order by a specific service. You can also use our services, where all information about the route of the parcel is collected in one place and in a format accessible to you.

  • What if the address is incorrect?

    It largely depends on when you notice the error. If you realize that you made a mistake in the specified address immediately after making a purchase, you can contact the seller and inform it about the error, indicating your correct address. If the parcel has already been handed over to the postal service and, in the future, sent, it will no longer be possible to make changes. In this case, you can cancel the order, indicating in the reasons “The address is not correct” and after the refund, make a second order, or continue tracking the path of the parcel and, after updating the status to “Delivered/received at the post office”, contact the post office. If the error is insignificant (the house/apartment number is not indicated correctly), you can receive the parcel using your passport and your phone number. Since this information is indicated in the data on the parcel, there should be no problems to receive it. If, however, multiple mistakes are made in the indicated address and your parcel was delivered to a completely different post office, you can contact the post office at your place of residence with an application for forwarding, indicating your correct address.

  • Why is there no information on my track number?

    After making a purchase, it takes some time for the courier to pick up your package from the seller. After it is delivered to the courier service department, the parcel should be scanned after which information about it is loaded into the system. Sometimes it can take from a couple of days to seven days. Therefore, you should be patient and check the status update a little later.

    Also, parcels can be sent by unregistered postal items. Tracking of this kind of shipments is possible only in the territory of the sending country. After passing the import procedure, the parcel can no longer be tracked on the territory of the recipient country, until the status of the receipt of the shipment at the post office is updated.

  • I have not received my order, can I get my money back?

    Marketplaces such as Aliexpress have a Buyer Protection period of 60 days on average, but it depends on the delivery time specified by the seller. You need to know exactly the protection period provided to you after the purchase. It is also necessary that the status of your parcel is not changed to “Received”, because in this case, even if you have not received your parcel, it will be very difficult to prove otherwise.

    If the status does not indicate that the package has been received and the buyer's protection period is coming to an end, you can safely open a dispute indicating that the package has not yet reached you. If the seller does not return the money and does not solve the issue on time, the marketplace will intervene. In most such cases, the dispute is resolved in favor of the buyer and the money is returned back to the card with which the purchase is paid.

    However, it should be noted that the claim should be initiated a couple of days before the end of the protection period. Otherwise, you will be asked to wait for the specified period and the claim will be closed. You will not be able to initiate it again.

  • Why did the weight of the parcel change by 0 g during the delivery process?

    When passing intermediate points such as sorting points, logistics centers, etc., the parcel weight is not checked, therefore zero weight is indicated.

  • My order on Aliexpress was “frozen”, what does this mean?

    This notice may appear when the Aliexpress Administration suspects that the seller is committing dubious actions in relation to buyers and freezes its activities until all the circumstances are clarified. Usually the whole process takes about a week, no action is required on your part.

    If Aliexpress's suspicions are confirmed, the transaction with the seller will be canceled and the order status will be changed to “Closed”. Within 10 days, the money for the transaction should be credited to the account of the card with which you paid for the purchase.

    It also happens that the order is frozen after the parcel has been sent. In this case, the shipment continues to be tracked by the track number and, in the end, you receive both the parcel and the money returned to you.

    If the seller proves its honesty, the order will be unfrozen and then everything will proceed as usual.